Port your existing game to JavaScript

Port your existing game to JavaScript

If you are a native game developer using a game engine or otherwise and if you already have your code in C++ and you are interested in how you can port your games over to the Web, you should learn more about our Emscripten tool – this is an LLVM to JavaScript compiler, which takes LLVM bytecode (e.g. generated from C/C++ using Clang, or from another language) and compiles that into asm.js, which can be run on the Web.

To get started, see:

  • About Emscripten for an introduction including high-level details.
  • Download and Install for installing the toolchain.
  • Emscripten Tutorial for a tutorial to teach you how to get started.

The above article details were mainly fetched from Mozilla Games page. More information about Web Games will be published in the upcoming articles.

By Satvik Jagannath

Mozilla Rep and Tech & Data Enthusiast

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