Contribute to Improve MDN – Mozilla Developer Network

Contribute to Improve MDN - Mozilla Developer Network

MDN is one of the world’s largest Web tutorial and documentation platform. It’s so high on content that companies like Google and Microsoft have come to terms to aggregate the documentation of Web on MDN.

All parts of MDN (docs and the site itself) are created by an open community of developers. Please join MDN! Let’s try to help make Web better by contributing to MDN.

Contribute to Improve MDN

  1. Firstly, create an MDN account

    To begin your contributions to MDN, you need to have an account on MDN. For details, please see how to create an account.

  2. Choose from the list of tasks and complete it

    Now that you are logged in, read the descriptions of different task types in the list below, and decide which one most appeals to you. You can pick any task you like and begin your contribution.

    Types of tasks you can do-

    • You can help review or edit existing docs, and apply correct tags to them.
    • We need more code samples! You can also help build our site platform, Kuma!
    • We have tasks that require both technical and language skills, like writing new articles, reviewing for technical accuracy, or adapting documents.
    • All localization and translation work done on MDN is done by our amazing community of volunteers.
    • You can report problems by filing a documentation issue.
  3. Complete the task

    Once you’ve decided what kind of task you want to do, find a specific page, code example, etc. to work on, and just do it!

  4. Promote MDN

    Help promote MDN

Want to learn more ways to contribute? Go to Help improve MDN section! Let’s get the web rolling!

If you are not a Firefox user yet, it’s time to Go Firefox!

By Satvik Jagannath

Mozilla Rep and Tech & Data Enthusiast

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