Firefox Lockwise – Secure Password Manager

Securely access the passwords you’ve saved in Firefox from anywhere — even outside of the browser.

Firefox Lockwise

Firefox Lockwise is the password manager of the Firefox web browser. On desktop, Lockwise is simply part of Firefox; whereas on iOS and Android, it is also available as a standalone app.

If Firefox Sync is activated (with a Firefox account), then Lockwise syncs passwords between Firefox installations across devices.

It features a built-in random password generator.

Developed by Mozilla, it was originally named Firefox Lockbox in 2018. It was renamed “Lockwise” in May 2019.

It was introduced for iOS on 10 July 2018 as part of the Test Pilot program. On 26 March 2019, it was released for Android.

On desktop, Lockwise started out as a browser addon. Alphas were released between March and August 2019.

Since Firefox version 70, Lockwise has been integrated into the browser (accessible at about:logins), having replaced a basic password manager presented in a popup window.


Securely track your Firefox passwords & access them anywhere Quickly open any website from the app to get into your accounts


Use your fingerprint or PIN to lock the app and keep your passwords private Secure your information with an automatic timer which locks the app Tap to copy your username and password to get into apps and websites Set the browser you want to open your website URLs Created by Mozilla, voted the Most Trusted Internet Company for Privacy

Official Page Firefox Lockwise

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